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    Building a system and can't get video on initial power up


      I am building a new system and can't get any video on initial start up.  I have a DP55KG motherboard with an i5 660 processor, a Galaxy GT240 PCI express 16 video board, two SATA DVD drives and two western digital 500 GB SATA HD's.  I am trying to do my initial start up and I am using and older Sony CRT monitor plugged into the VGA port on the video card.  I am getting no video on start up and therefore I have no idea what is taking place during bios intialization and boot.  All I can see is the 80h display on the motherboard which finishes with a 4F display.  I can't seem to get any info on what bios version is on the board.  I have checked power supply, cables, conncections, memory, processor, switched video cards & monitors, and I still get no video.  Baffled at this point, anybody got any ideas?