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    Intel Celeron M 350 Upgrade Path - Where to now?


      Good afternoon,


      I have an old Clevo M375S laptop which currently has an Intel Celeron M 1.3 Mhz 350 CPU. Unfortunately I do not know the Motherboard type or model.


      I am very keen indeed to upgrade this within the machine but I am not sure what the path would be and which CPU to go for?

      I have upgraded the RAM to 2Gb and cannot go any higher so to improve performance further I wanted to go with the CPU.


      Can anyone provide any suggestions around this?


      The exact CPU at this time is intel cleron M 350 1300 400mhz 1mb


      I have been looking at 1.7Ghz Intel Celeron M but also at 2.0 and 2.4 Mobile Intel Celeron CPU?

      Unfortunately information on this laptop is scarce so it was suggested that as long as I stay with the same family it should be OK.


      I know what some may say.....Buy a new laptop...just can't afford that right now so wanted to go with the upgrade.


      Any help or suggestions that you can provide would be appreciated.


      Kind Regards,


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          Check at CPU World web site you might fine more Info on the celrons there. What Kind of HD interface do you have , If it's a SATA you may want to leave the CPU alone and get a SSD HD You will get a major performance boast just by changing Hard drives. I did this with a older HP laptop and now it's like a New Machine. and I had a 1.6 Core 2 Duo. . Now it runs like it has a quad core.