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    Problem with MB DH55HC



      today i tried to overclock my i5 650 processor on my dh55hc bord and all went wrong.

      im not sure what i did wrong but as i finishet changing some settings and restarted the display went all black, although the fans where all functioning and it didnt sound any error beep. i tryed removing my graphic card and use the on onboard but the problem persists. i dont think the problem is that big but obviously i cant solve it so I NEE HELP, please.


      my system:

      intel core i5 650 on DH55HC MB

      8 GB DDR3 memory

      GTX259 graphic card

      intel X-25M 80GB SSD

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          Can you get in the BIOS at all ?? The I core CPUs are very sensitive to volts you may have fried the CPU.

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            You may have gone too far with the settings that you tried. Try powering off the system and removing the battery from the socket on the motherboard for some period of time (half hour or so). Then put it back and try powering on. If it does, you will need to go into BIOS Setup, press F9 to load defaults and then change any parameters that you need to be different...

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              1. As i remember, i dint change any voltage on the BIOS.

              2. The PC doesn't even get into the BIOS. It doesn't POST and I get loop boots.

              3. I understand i got to clear CMOS and set the BIOS to default settings,so I tried unplugging all cables and removing the battery (even for hours) but it didn't work.

              Can anyone tell me a effective way to reset the BIOS to its defaults?



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                Try removing all unessary components and just use one ram stick in the slot closest to the CPU and thansee if it will post, even disconect the DVD burners. And just the HD with the OS on it.

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                  It is Graphic Problem, when playing games, It is very sorrow.

                  Please view skinshort..


                  <a  href='http://postimage.org/image/1eics42is/' target='_blank'><img  src='http://s1.postimage.org/1eics42is/MB_DH55_HC_problem.jpg'  border='0' alt="MB DH55 HC problem" /></a>

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                    Hi, I ve seen this problem before and I solved this way:

                    sometimes , and I dont know why, you install everything and the screen never goes out from black. Turn off the whole system, and be sure the little light in the mother is off too. Remove the monitor cable from cpu. Turn on the system and wait a bit, turn on the monitor and plug it in while the cpu is powered on. Thats it.

                    Be sure:

                    1 that the monitor stup doesnt have the brightness decreased to the bottom.

                    2 if this doesnt work, try testing your monitor with another pc to see if its a monitor problem.

                    3 if your graphic card has two different inputs, try switching from digital to analogic.

                    4 press the setup button in your monitor to check if the setup screen works, if not, it may be damaged.

                    cheers and good luck