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    DX58SO: Occasional Lockups After Initial Power Up


      When my system is cold and being powered on for the first time, I sometimes encounter lockups usually right after logging into Windows 7.  The mouse cursor will circle followed by the entire system freezing.  CAPs lock on the keyboard does not light up indicating the machine is stuck.  It does not reboot on its own and simply remains frozen until I either press the reset button or hold down the power button on my case.  Note that this only happens when the system is cold (meaning it is first powered on after being off for awhile).


      I am currently running the latest BIOS, which is 5456 dated 30-Aug-2010.  I have four PC3-12800U DDR3-1600 DIMMs installed for a total of 16GB of memory.  They are Super Talent Chrome series DIMMs.  They default to 1066MHz, so I overclocked them to 1620MHz.  I paid for 1600MHz memory, and I expect it to run at this speed.  Other than the occasional lockup upon Windows logon, my system is completely stable.  I have run the memory stress test on the Intel Desktop Control Center for several hours, and it passes with my memory running at 1620MHz.  My memory does not appear to be bad.


      Any suggestions on anything I can do to resolve this?


      My system includes:


      Windows 7 Professional 64-bit


      i7 CPU 960

      Super Talent Chrome DIMMs PC3-12800U DDR3-1600

      2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470

      2x Western Digital Raptor WDC WD300HLFS-01-G6U1

      2x LG optical drives WH10LS30

      Antec TruePower Quattro 1000W PSU



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          I have some problems like that, i bought one 1333 memory from OCZ, and I need make the configurations to work on factory frequence, but ok, work for some days, and sometimes stops to work, I need to get out the sticks and put one by one for work again, please help us INTEL.

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            Check in your BIOS and look at the BOOT order , Make sure the HD with the OS on it is first inline of the Boot order . see if that helps . you see if it's not first inline than the BIOS  looks at everything else thats in front of it . That takes time and can cause lock-ups.

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              but my lockup only happens right after logging into Windows 7 after powering it on.  If the BIOS boot order is the cause of this lockup, this seems like a bug in the BIOS that needs a fix.

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                I made a couple of changes that seems to have stopped these lockups.


                First, I uninstalled all O&O utilities.  For whatever reasons, this software seems to cause me lockups.  I'm a longtime user of these utilities, but stability seems to have declined in newer versions.


                Secondly, I changed my BIOS setting for Command Rate from 1T to 2T.  1T appeared to work and passed the Intel memory stress test for hours, but I'm guessing there may have been an issue related to this setting that only appeared under certain circumstances.  1T is supposed to provide faster memory access than 2T.


                It looks like I'm fine now.

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                  Several hours after I had posted this, my machine locked up again.  Changing the Command Rate to 2T was not the solution.


                  It appears my issues are related to my video cards.  The screen will sometimes freeze with no activity, but my hard drive light still flickers.  If I give the system enough time, sometimes my LCD panel powers off then comes back on with everything working.  Windows 7 displays info about the display driver recovering in the task bar.  The event viewer contains a couple of these messages: Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.


                  I have two NVIDIA GTX 470 cards running SLI.  I changed the PCI latency in the BIOS from 32 to 64 and changed the Command Rate back to 1T.


                  Time will tell if this changes anaything.