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    eSATA Port on DX58SO


      Hi, Folks.


      I have been reading the the eSATA port and controller on this motherboard are unreliable.  I had planned to get a Buffalo Quad raid drives to connect to my desktop, but if the eSATA controller is as poor as I have read, I will not go this route.


      Does anyone have any experience good or bad with eSATA for this motherboard?



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          This has been my experience as well. My DX58SO components have been 100% reliable, except for the ESATA ports, which seem flaky. (Also, as I've noted in another thread, the latest BIOS update introduced a problem with RAID support.) I'll mention one example. I've used Clonezilla, which boots off a CD-ROM (and thus doesn't use Windows drivers), to clone an internal disk to a removable drive. When I use the ESATA connection, there are periodic errors, but it's reliable with a USB connection. I've swapped cables and housing, so I'm fairly sure my problem was in the ESATA itself and not the external hardware. As I recall, when I first used ESATA in early 2009, I found it reliable, but later I noticed problems. This made me wonder whether a bug had crept in with a subsequent BIOS update. Anyway, I didn't have an urgent need of ESATA (although of course it's faster than USB), so I just stopped using it, and everything else worked fine.

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            I have had no problems with the eSata ports on my DX58SO. I use an external dual SATA dock that is plugged in to both ports. I make backup images of my internal drives to external drives by booting from an Acronis TIH 11 CD and have never had an image or disk clone fail yet. I have done many restores from these backups and never had one fail either. However I do seem to have problems with the RAID controller and have quit using it for the time being.


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              So...it works for one and does not work good for another.


              I'm now leaning toward a Synology DS1010+ disk station.  I can connect this via eSATA or ethernet, so I can try eSATA and switch to NAS in the event it's unreliable as it has been for some.  If RAID is as bad as people have been posting, I may have to stick with ethernet.



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                After reading information on NAS boxes available and also the various problems with the Marvel eSATA controller, I decided to go with the QNAP TS-809 Pro.  This box is ethernet only, and so far it has performed impressively well.  NAS + ethernet is much more mature than eSATA, so I decided this route as opposed to making a gamble.


                Thanks for the feedback.