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    W7 , DG33FB PCI simple comunications controller


      Just installed W7 ultimate on s system with a DG33FB board.

      Device manager is showing that the PCI simpel communications controller is not up to date.  I downloaded the corrrect ( i thought) chipset driver and ran it it but the PCI controller properties still shows  "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)".


      the board is running bios DPP 2501J 86a.


      Any direction on what steps i should take?


      Sidenote, could the lack of this driver be causing boot errors like " no bootable media found?" ( sometimes the system boots , sometime it doesnt.)

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          In device Mng. Try disable the device and than enable it and see if windows Loads a driver for it automaticly??

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            This is the controller that supports communications between O/S-based Software and the Intel Management Engine. It is referred to as the Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI). One way to get this driver installed is to install Intel Desktop Utilities, which will also provide you with a way to monitor the health of your system...


            This has absolutely nothing to do with the "no bootable media found" message, which is the BIOS telling you that it cannot find any boot device/media. This sounds more like you are having a problem with your hard disk. It may be on the verge of failing or has suffered some corruption. I would suggest that you check whether the S.M.A.R.T. capability in your hard disk is identifying any issues (Intel Desktop Utilities can do this for you). I would also check that your disk contents are not corrupted (i.e. run scandisk; right click on the disk drive in Windows Explorer, select properties, select the tools tab and then click on the Error Checking "Check Now" button. Follow instructions to reboot and have the drive checked)...

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              I have the issue resolved i was able to download and run the ME driver in compatability mode (vista service pack 2) as advised by and Intel Tech.

              Crashes were being caused by a messed up  dual boot install which has been deactivated ( i removed one disk and reinstalled W7 on a new disk).

              Thanks for the reply