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    Raid 0 blues


      I got greed and set up an array of 4Tera raid 0 with four 1Tera sata drives. As you expected it seems one of then is now not so health but working. Intel Rapid Storage is reporting 4 blocks with media errors on a small volume created within this array.

           Question1: How do I know which drive is housing the media errors?


      This same volume has 1 spot where if I try to write a file over, hangs the system. Tried to both format with windows and verify with Intel Rapid Storage but the spot is not isolated and the number of blocks with media errors does not increase.

           Question2: Why this behavior and can I fix it?


      I have one spare 1Tera drive exactly the same model as the ones used in this array.

           Question3: Will it work if I take the unhealthy drive from the array, copy it (sector-by-sector) to the spare drive and replace? Any software suggestion to do      so?