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    Random Reboot with DP43TF


      OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit

      MB: Intel DP43TF

      CPU: Intel Q8300

      RAM: Corsair Dominator 800 Mhz

      CPU: 550 Watt

      Video: ATI HD 5770


      I recently built an HTPC with the Intel DP43TF Motherboard with a Q8300 CPU and 4GB of Corsair Dominator Memory. The board runs fine with a video card that does not require an additional power source. But when I use an ATI HD 4370, and later an ATI HD 5770, the computer randomly reboots. The 550 watt power supply has a 6 pin molex for the video card.


      Strange, I know. The case has 5 fans, and I do not have any heat, or power  issues, as the system onitor  software does not identify any. Incidentally, the Chasis Outlet Fan Header does not supply power to any fan when connected. I tried several.


      I've upgraded the BIOS, Chipset and Video drivers to the latest releases. I've run Memory and CPU diagnostics. No errors are identified. I feel I have a bad motherboard and think I should RMA it. Any thoughts...