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    D975XBX2 MoBo 1066 RAM speed ??


      We've got a bus speed of 1066 on this older board.


      The Intel spec sheet shows 533,667,800 options. 


      Can this board also support the 1066 RAM speed....as bus speed must be greater than or equal Ram speed.  There is even that warning on the D975 spec page.  Here we have a bus speed 1066.........


      History: I am trying to get max speed out of this board because I have just upgraded to a HD video camera.  With the standard def camera I have been using, editting with this board and 2G of RAM was good enough.  The high def camera produces HUGE video files which.....while I can still edit..... really slow down the system and make editting painful.


      My first editing attempt was today with my son's football game.  The raw data was 18G!  Yikes!  I was able to add all files to my project (Pinnacle 12 Ult) and edit...... but it took forever and the video couldn't keep up with the audio during edit and playback. (Video burned fine with data synched)


      1.  Is 800 max for RAM chips and this board.

      2.  Is my thinking OK with increasing RAM to increase editing speed...?  Don't really want to upgrade but if I have to, what do you recommend for MoBo/chip/RAM ?