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    Microprocessor Upgrade for desktop D945GTP ??


      Today I have a Celeron D430 microprocessor and would like to upgrade to E3300 or Pentiun Dual Core E5400. Could be possible???


      Thanks Jorge

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          The best CPU that you can use on your board is a Pent. D 960    ( 3.6 800 Mhz ) .  Thats a old cpu but you can probably find one on Ebay.

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            please send me driver intel D945GTP.

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              Please send me driver Intel D945GTP

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                Hi...The simplest thing you can look for...Just go to your motherboard manufacturers site online,look for support and look for your motherboards model number or type it in the search address bar and like usual this will link you to where you can find the cpu list of supported processors most of the time...Depending on which site you go to...If your motherboard is still quite common it may show it under the manufacturers site product area,where you click the motherboard section and then you start searching for your model number and from there you will eventually find what you want...Some post had some suggestion for you to use a pentium D960 LGA775 of the original duo core made from two single cores...You better check this up before you try or buy it,these D960's are very hot and he told you to go to eBay...I would not buy them at all and if it is on eBay then it is used and could have a lower then standard life span to boot as well as being too hot...Remember that soon after came Intel's famous X6800 real duo core made from one chip and it helped Intels reputation out a lot...If your motheboard is very old,then you may as well start considering a cheap LGA 775 replacement since they are around in made systems to order at cheap prices...Remember though that these intel LGA 775 will eventually become like the old LGA 478 models which the LGA 775 replaced...Although if you do get a cheap system made up make sure that you get a processor that is larger then 3.0 GHz in fact no less then 3.2 GHz and with cache of at least 2MB or more if you can still get them...On eBay they still have LGA 775 processors at 3.0,3.16 and 3.33 GHz with 6MB of cache,but these are for the do it yourself market people and they are the old E8500 at 3.0GHz to the E8600 at 3.33GHz range and model numbers...Anyway happy hunting and good luck with those sort of D960 posts trying to help you out...

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                  Hi once again...This is to the relation of my last post just up above...I made a mistake and that was the E8500 is actually at 3.16GHz and not at 3.0GHz(which is the E8400 intel model)...Noticed I said something up around the 3.2GHz and the E8500 at 3.16GHz and E8600 at 3.33GHz will have enough cache with 6MB's of it each...There is a 3.0GHz model which is the E8400 model with 6MB's cache...

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                    Hi...How do you know what motherboard model number to get...You say 945GT or something like that,but the main post does not mention anything else other then one processor number and enquires about another few processor model numbers...Are you or the Robert Gifford post a bunch of mind readers or is this just some intel plant chucking up some posts for people to ponder about...Or could you all know each other and just want to put some posts up that make sense to yourselves while getting in contact with each other by email or phone use...You know you all should really have asked the man that put up this post what kind of motherboard model number he had first and then went to the site of the manufacturer and find out for him that way...

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                      Hi once again...This is in relation to my last post I done which is up above here...I am SORRY about this mistake...I did not see the main title heading mentioning the D945GTP...Once again SORRY...I still think though that he can check it out himself since he knows the boards manufacturing company and also stay away from the old pentium D960's mentioned by Robert Gifford's post...They are very hot and are old stock,where not liked nor appreciated much by anyone after a while of using it,much like windows Vista operating system with all of it's flaw's and easily to be destroyed over the internet compared to windows XP Pro & Home operating system...This was in relation to the post I made up above...

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                        George I'm Not a mind reader. just in case you were wondering , I just looked up on Intel"s web site a gave Jorge a answer that Intel had listed in their SYS , I know the D960 is a antique . I was simply stating the facts per. Intel. In My opion I would get a new board and CPU ans start from new. If you don't like my answer , than state the facts insteed of your opion. see atached file.D945GTP  D960.jpg

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                          Once again we meet through these posts...I did say sorry about that mind reader part and I will tell you why...I was so embarrassed by the processor that you mentioned that I completely forgot that the motherboard model was mentioned...So I was only concentrating on the cpu issue...I will have my "opinion" and that is how you should spell it Mr.Robert Gifford,also "instead"you should know how to spell...What a waste of time telling him this Petium D960...You should of told him of it's failures as well...Anyway I mentioned to him to get a cheap system built PC (LGA775) if he can not find an appropiate cpu,but not like what you found for him...

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                            Like I said I was simply stating the facts . If it was me I would trash the whole set up and start a new build.

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                              You Must remember when you are talking to the people on this forum , they may be some poor kid in India or Texas, Or a guy with two Master degree's

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                                Hi jorgezab...This is what to look for if you are still around...When looking for suitable cpu's for your D945GTP,you should look under the Legacy motherboard models and not the newer version of motherboards and then look under "compatibility" on the right hand side and third from the top will be cpu support llist...I have a link here that you just type in to the internet explorer address bar:- http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/highlights/dsktpboards/d945gtp    and from there you will find the cpu list under "compatibility"...

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                                  Once again it is far too late...I have just noticed the date and it is around 3 1/2 months ago that he posted this post,so I guess that he has found it some other way or he just gave up and went for a newer motherboard/mainboard model...He would of came back this month or last month at the latest to find out... Bad luck that I wasted my time,but others may now know what to ask for when looking up older motherboards and that is under "Legacy Motherboards" to find what they want... Never mind about the Masters Degree,just take your time and spell properly...Do not forget that even I make mistakes by leaving out words because I am in a hurry...