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    Miniport wi-fi adapter (last chance)


      hey what's up; (WIN7 64BIT Pentium Dual Core T3200@2.0 Ghz 4 GB RAM)

      I've been recieving great support from this community & I recieved links/downloads to proper downloads for drivers.

      Now I have another problem & it's stressin' me out. I have a Microsoft Virtual Wi-Fi miniport adapter. Microsoft can't/won't

      help me at all! Gateway same thing! So here I am asking 1 more time for support . This adapter does not work at all! Ya

      can't uninstall or disable it because it comes right back on next boot! I want it gone! Give some pointers PLEASE! I want

      a different miniport adapter but of course the current 1 keeps coming back & new adapters are removed.

      Quite frankly this is really upsetting me! I realize I have asked a lot of this forum already & your help has been right on the nose.

      PLEASE HELP ME HERE! there is no update/upgrade for microsofts adapter here. Microsoft basically won't back their own driver software. Gateway

      has said the same thing. So here I am asking Intel's Community. I will no longer deal with Microsoft & Gateway now. If I can't find a solution to this problem

      I'm dumping PC's & going for the MAC's! This is it! I'm fed up! The last chance! The last problem to deal with & here it is!

      So okay guys give me your best shot!!!  PLEASE!!!