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    Can Toolbox be used to Trim in Windows 7? Using IDE. Can't use AHCI.


      I can't boot into windows 7 when switching to AHCI. Did the registry change, tried to do a fresh install of Win7 in AHCI. Everything is failing when using AHCI. Works in IDE. So my question now if Windows 7 is in IDE mode, is TRIM being issued by the OS or not? The posts here say Yes and No. No definite answer.

      If No, can the Toolbox software be used to manually issue the Trim command when in IDE mode? I don't mind doing this manually once a while. If Windows and the Toolbox can't use Trim in IDE, I will have to replace the motherboard. I have updated the MB's BIOS to the latest version and I can't get the darn AHCI to work with Windows. It has to be the MB/BIOS problem.

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