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    Processor upgrade with PM965 Chipset


      I have a laptop with a T5450 processor and PM965 chipset. On Intel website,

      those products are not listed as compatibles... and now I'm looking

      upgrade for my  processor but I don't know wich chose because I'm not

      sure of the compatibility.


      When I have opened my laptop, i have readed my chipset number :LE82PM965

      It is suppose to be a chipset with a FSB of 800 Mhz but my processor have only a FSB of 667Mhz... I presume that the chipset are able to run with a slower FSB .

      And now, I won't buy a other laptop if I can just switch the processor.


      This arangement are on a Pavilion DV6755CA from HP


      Anybody have already seen that ?