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    Bug report: SSD toolbox, ramdisk


      Intel SSD drive does not show up in Intel SSD Toolbox when Dataram Ramdisk is enabled.

      System: XP Pro SP3

      Drive: X25-M 34nm

      Controller: ICH7M

      Driver: RST 9.6

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          Unfortunately the DataRAM* Ramdisk is a software that we haven’t verified to work with the Intel® Solid-state drives.


          Be aware that DataRAM* Ramdisk is capable of creating a virtual hard drive with the free ram available in the system.


          The Intel® Solid-state drive Toolbox checks which hard drives are displayed by the Operating System, if the hard drive letter has been changed by a third-party software the Toolbox might not be capable to understand the new letter or the logical address where the Solid-state drive was before.


          Try fixing the letter for the Solid-state drive in the Disk Management and open again the Intel® Solid-state drive Toolbox, if that doesn’t work verify with the DataRAM* Forums.