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    USB Wireless Adapters - Driver failures


      Hi, I am hoping someone can help me with this. I bought a brand new system built by Velocity Micro running Win 7 Home Premium. The motherboard is an Intel dp55wb. Upon my first opening of windows, I checked all drivers and they appeared to be up to date but for the NIC driver which I updated from one of the disks provided. I then spent the next 4 days trying to install a variety of USB Wireless Adapters with no luck. I have attempted to install two different Netgear adapters (including a WNA 3100), a Linksys 600N v2 and a DLink 300N. All of these adapters are said to be Windows 7 compliant. I am essentially having the same problem with all types of adapters. When I install the adapter driver I am then instructed to insert the adapter into a USB port. The system 'hangs' trying to identify the adapter. If I reboot and check drivers Netgear returns the driver status error code 10, and Dlink simply says the driver is up to date. If I try to reboot with the Linksys drivers on the system, my system hangs on shutdown, and I will receive random BSOD's until I use system restore to go prior to linksys driver installers.


      I have spent 4 hours with tech support from Netgear, 3 hours with D Link and close to 5 hours with Linksys. Needless to say I am a little frustrated. But given that all these products are showing similar if not identical problems, I have to assume there is an error lurking around the driver communication. I have checked my motherboard drivers and intel suggests they are all up to date, that being said many of them are from 2006? I have also checked my USB drivers and they are up to date.


      Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I don't really want to go out and buy a pci wireless adapter, but I may have to.