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    Not real impressed... did I do this right?


      I got it in my computer and Windows 7 installed but I thought it would be faster.

      I turned on AHCI, began installing Windows. It seemed to actually take a little longer than a mechanical HD. Some parts seemed to go faster.

      Once Windows was installed I made sure Defrag was off and disabled Superfetch.

      That is pretty much it right? I will install the Toolbox in the morning but will that make that big a difference?


      A couple of questions:

      Do I need the Toolbox

      Do I need the RST driver/software installed? I am not doing raid it is just the one SSD with Windows on it.

      I noticed Windows setup a paging file on it, does it need it? Would it help to move it to my second mechanical drive?

      Are there any other drivers I need to install? I have a Gigabyte motherboard, P45 chipset and the ich10 controller I believe.


      I will know tomorrow when I get my programs back on there and really see how it performs but I was expecting faster than this.


      I think it is a little faster. Here is AS SSD.



      AS bench 2.jpg

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          First of all, i am assuming you have an SSD? which model?

          i am no expert but here goes,

          yep keep superfetch and defrag off, and yes install the toolbox. Also there are lots of forums and articles about other things you can do to optimise win 7 for the SSD, have a google.

          Yes it would be better to install the RSTdriver (support for trim) in theory you can still install it now, but i prefer to do when installing windows,as in a f6 driver.

          For teh paging i personally set it on a HDD not the SSD, i suppose it would be quicker on teh SSD  but the paging file gets loads of writes so..

          No there are not other drivers you need to install.


          I am sure if i got something wrong one of teh exoerts will come a long and correct me

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            Yes it is the 80G X25-M.

            I thought Trim support was in WIndows 7?

            If it needs to be loaded I would rather do it during the Windows install.

            Thanks for the info.


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              You should notice faster boot up, shut down and faster loading of programs and games. Essentially that's the advantages an SSD offers. What were you expecting and did you read any reviews before you bought the SSD? I'm unsure whether you expected the SSD to improve graphics or processor performance?

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                I have noticed that it is faster. I read a ton of reviews and just about all talked about how fast it is, from all the talk I thought it would be faster.

                Improve graphics or CPU performance no, I know hardware.

                  Maybe it is just my perception of speed, to me it seems it would have been faster. But that is why I asked those questions to make sure I did it all right.


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                  The only advice I can give is to intall the Intel SSD Toolbox and run both the Intel SSD Optimizer command and the System Configuration Tuner. Also make sure you install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology application. Once you have done this you should be getting as good a performance as you can from the SSD. One final point is make sure you use the mobo's 'normal' SATA connectors for the SSD. My Gigabyte board has two purple SATA ports which don't give as good a performance as the yellow coloured ports on my mobo.

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                    I have run the System Configuration tool.

                    The Optimizer and RST are 2 of my questions because there seems to be a big debate wether they are needed are not. Isn't RST only needed if you are doing Raid?

                      It is plugged into the yellow.

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                      Add another in raid 0 and you'll be quite happy

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                        You really have not explained what it is that is not faster.  Your AS SSD scores are fine, the Seq Read and Write numbers are slightly above spec.


                        I have several SSDs and they all load programs very quickly, the OS boots and shuts down faster, searches are very quick, anything that uses storage like this is improved.  When I see other peoples PCs now without SSDs they just seem to crawl along, waiting for whatever to start or load.  If you are expecting better CPU or memory performance, that of course won't happen, once a program loads and is running, the SSD or HDD is not doing to much unless the app is constantly reading or writing.  Please explain.