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    Newbie RAID mirror questions


      Hi, I am new to RAID and I have a few questions. I am basically using RAID1 to prevent hours of work when a disk fails (reinstalling programs/windows, restoring faulty backups etc etc)


      I have 2 Q's:

      1-Is it possible to start mirroring an existing disk ie a disk with data, not RAID? Or does RAID1 always require a complete wipe of both disks?

      (I have a Asus P5Q Mobo with Intel ICH10R)

      2-Is it possible to make 2 RAID1 volumes, so 1 raid volume (with 2 disks) for all the data and another RAID1 volume (with 2 disks) for Windows and the program files?

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          In answer to your first question: Yes, it is possible to create a RAID1 volume, preserving data from one of the disks used to the create the RAID volume. If the existing disk is your OS disk, this will only work if you system is already in RAID mode.  (Windows does not let you change from AHCI or IDE mode into RAID mode without reinstalling your OS).


          And for question 2: Yes, if you have four disks, you can create two separate RAID1 volumes.

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            Thank you Mike. So, I have one disk D: Windows, to which I will make no changes, and another one C:\data. Now I want to create a raid volume for the data. But if I add another disk and want to create a RAID volume,  I get a message that all data on both disks will be erased. How do I do it?