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    D5400XS (skulltrail) memory performance


      I have just had to replace 2 FBDIMMS in my D5400XS (skulltrail) system. The replacements sent were 4Gb FBDIMMS instead of 2Gb. So I now have a bank of 2 x 2Gb FBDIMMS and a bank of 2 x 4Gb FBDIMMS giving 12Gb in total.


      It works fine, but my system performance seems to have dropped. I ran Everest to check things out and it says that the memeory controller is quad channel but the active mode is single channel. On benchmarks the write peformance is great (8184 MB/s) but read performance is at (3748MB/s). Although I remember read performance being sub par when I did the test 12 months ago, I don't remember it being this bad.


      I have checked the BIOS and the timings are fine, the memoery is set to 400Mhz 1:1 and interleave is set.


      Is this performance correct or has mixing the FBDIMM sizes caused the memery controller to drop from quad channel to single channel?