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    S5000 VCL bios and 5060 processor problem


      Hello everyone!


      I own s5000VCL m/b  before bios uprgrade it was s5000.86b.02.00.0054


      I  upgraded it to 98 bios to try if any quad core 5300 will work.... (i  noticed that it lacks R letter at the end so it wount support 45nm cpu)

      After upgrade it began to show that dual core xeon 5060 family in unsupported in bios....


      i found spare 5100 series cpu and it works with it... tried to install earlier versions of bios, no luck


      the problem that i can't find s5000.86b.02.00.0054 bios on intel site..

      google  search tells that same marking also had s5000psl and s5000pal, but they  are on different chipset so i guess it will ruin my mb.


      i need to get my old CPUs working at least... please help me

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          The supported processor list is located here http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/s5000vcl/sb/CS-023399.htm

          and does not list the 5xxx processors. (Strange because i thought CL did support them)


          The high power (130Watt) processor are not supported. (on board VR are not heavy enough to supply that much power reliability. 80W max.)


          The "R" only appears on the packaging so not finding it is not surprising. If you check the mother board part number label any board D41874-7xx is an "R" board and would support the 51xx to 54xx processors up to 80 watts as listed at the link above.


          The BIOS (not the BMC or SDR code) for the S5000 series of mother boards is common and can work across any board in the family (it may not have been tested on all boards so it is best to use the LATEST version from your boards support site), however i would strongly not recommending trying to run 130 watt processor in a CL system.

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            It supported 5xxx indeed..

            though i found a note at Bios release text file

            -As of BIOS R0056, removed support for Pre-production CPU steppings of the

            Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor 5000 series.
            This includes processors with CPUID 0F61h, 0F62h, 0F63h.

            I had R0054 before update so i guess i got two useless cpus now lol

            did not backup and flashed both banks, doh!


            Intel does not have R0054 for that M/B on site