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    DG41WV beeps at start


      Hi, we are building PCs with DG41WV motherboards and it beeps at start when turning it on. It's not memory/CPU error/fault beeps. Why such beep? Other intel mb don't make any beep at start IIRC. Is a bit annoying the start beep :-/. Can this beep/sound be removed (didn't see an option in BIOS)? BTW using latest BIOS revsion (v11) with such boards. TIA (and sorry for my bad english)

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          Check this previous post:



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            THX mate.

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              No problem. Feel free to vote on the poll below.


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                Hi RMA!


                I'll post here the experience I had with the DG41WV...


                Unfortunately I also had a similar problem here in our company. We bought an Intel DG41WV motherboard, an Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 processor, one Kinsgton 2GB DDR3 1333MHz DIMM (KVR1333D3N9/2G), and after installing them into de case, I also noticed these 2 beeps at the start of the motherboard.

                The motherboard was showing a keyboard error (something like "No keyboard present"), but the keyboard was workging normally, even at the motherboard (F2) setup the keyboard was working... That was weird...


                So, I downloaded the last BIOS update file from the Intel website available currently (02/12/2010 - dd/mm/yyyy), version 0014, flashed the BIOS, and just after the restart of the motherboard, the beeps were gone!   :-)    The 2 beeps simply disappeared.


                However, that error message about the keyboard ("No keyboard") continued to show up after every start of the motherboard... so I disconnected that keyboard from the board and connected another one, and the messages were also gone... I didn't got any more messages at the start of the mobo related to keyboard...

                I'm very happy now. Everything looks to be working correctly...


                Have a great Christmas and a happy New Year dude!



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                  I had the same problem, so I decided update the bios and now it works very well!


                  So I recommend update the bios to the latest version


                  My best Regards

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                    THX, updating BIOS solved such beeps at start.

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                      DG41 W V supports DDR3 1333 MHZ RAM?

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                        According to Intel DG41WV memory page itself, no. If you've not bought any memory for the board yet, you should look for the type recommended on that page. If, however, you go to the tested memory link from that page, it shows examples of 1333 speed DDR3  which are backwards compatible with 1066 slower speed, so if you have some 1333 DDR where that's the only difference, you may find it works - I just wouldn't count on that.

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                          I am getting problem with this motherboard fitted with 2gb ddr3 1333mhz ram.

                          After final restart of windows installation(installation works fine), I am getting the 3 long beeps pause and again. Memory error. The cpu is a Intel Confidential. So I'm not really sure of it's speed atm.. I've reseeded the ram quite a few times even tried the other slot just for giggles. The ram is 2GB DDR3 1333MHz the board only supports up to 1066MHz but I was under the assumption that it just underclocks it. Does it not? So I'm just asking to make sure there is nothing else I can try before quitting.




                          Thanks. Sorry if this is a bit choppy.

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                            Not all memory is underclockable as you are suggesting - hence why it may (rather than 'will') work. It looks like in your case either the memory doesn't support that lower speed or there's something else different about it to the specs provided. Given you've reseated it and are still getting the 3 beeps memory related error, about the only thing you can do (if you haven't already done so) is ensure the BIOS is upgraded to the latest revision -which will require fully compatible memory to be installed while undertaking the flashing process anyway. Then (as in the above case), you may find your memory is accepted and the 3 beep error goes away, otherwise it's time to consider sourcing memory which is known to be fully OK with this board. If you don't currently have any fully compatible memory, maybe the local computer shop will flash the BIOS for you at minimal cost - otherwsie maybe your memory supplier will replace the 1333 MHz memory with known compatible sticks.

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                              I checked throughout many intel dg41wv consumers are getting boot problem with this mobo.

                              my motherboard is in warranty period, shoudn't i take this motherboard to intel and they will figure out this problem?

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                                I think it's important to try and help yourself first and foremost. Do you already have the latest BIOS version installed (as I referred to in my last post)?


                                I think the nature of these forums encourages people to post with their motherboard related problems so your view that you're seeing 'many' Intel DG41WV owners experiencing boot problems, may just be a reflection of how popular this board is (statistically if there are more users, you are more likely to find people experiemcing problems - and it's more likely there are even more users who aren't as well, it's just the latter group don't tend to post here to say all's going well).


                                According to the letter of the law, your problem is you are using unsupported/not to spec memory modules - I suspect something Intel will tell you if you contact them at this stage with the details you've reported so far. You may find that the newest BIOS version allows you to get away with this however - hence my question. I've experienced a case before with a different brand of motherboard where a previously unsupported memory module was made compatible after a BIOS upgrade so such things do sometimes make a difference. As mentioned though, any BIOS upgrading will need to be performed with a functional board which means using compatible memory during the flashing. Good luck and let us know if there's anything about this that isn't clear to you.

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                                  I only updated my bios with the .exe method according to bios availability of my motherboard & It did not solved my problem. This motherboard is working with windows xp, giving 3beeps with a pause and again with window 7 only(on installing window 7, after the final restart of window 7 installation give 3beeps) & yes i tried updating bios from the .exe file but it didn't solved my problem.

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                                    Gautam wrote:


                                    i tried updating bios from the .exe file but it didn't solved my problem.

                                    Is that whilst using the 1333 MHz memory that results in 3 beeps? Before you do anything further (using any BIOS file version, exe or not), what BIOS version is actually on the motherboard now (note that this isn't necessarily the same as what version did you attempt to flash to it as the flash may have failed to go through)?

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