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    Ethernet Card : Intel Pro/1000 MT Dual Port Ethernet Card


      Dear Communities,


      Recently I have bought this card,  after reinstalling the machine , Centos detect 3 ethernet , 1 onboard , 2 the dual port ethernet.

      Then I set the IP on them, none can Ping my server.

      The MAC Address on the Intel Card can't be found. Even after probing. Then I write it according the manual, the second port is one number away from the printed MAC number on the card. My machine said the number is wrong and put 00:00:00:00:00  back.


      I tried to install it on my Centos 5.5  using the 8.x x driver  (downloaded from intel since the cd enclosed didn't have linux driver) it's getting worst, the card cant be detected by Centos.


      I change the distro to Fedora 10.

      Same problem happens.


      Did this card can't be used in linux?