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    Intel HD Graphics (corei3)




      First sorry if this question has been asked some time before, I could nor find answer.

      I have searched the net for an answer also.


      I have a new acer z5610, it is the latest model.

      Windows 7 64 bit


      I have Intel HD graphics (corei3) grahics/cpu


      I have established that this does support open GL.

      How ever it is not working,

      whenever I open a 3D application or similar, for example: After Effects/Photoshop cs5 extended,

      it says that OPen GL is not supported,

      so this means I can not take advantage of a lot of the features of said programs.


      I have run the driver utilty from the intel site and it updated my driver, well i downloaded it and updated it and int he Graphics control panel it shows as neing updated but still no open GL.

      This is very important for me and for my work.


      I would very much appreciate any help any one can give me what so ever.





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          The high definition graphics controller embeeded on those processors support openGL version 2.1


          If you need further assistance on openGL please check with this website: www.opengl.org

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            Thanks, yes I also determined that, I have since been in touch with intel live chat and confirmed (*again) that it is supported and also that I have the latest driver. They linked me to thew controler settings but it was for vista not 7 and did not resemble mine.

            I have downloaded and run glviewer, I am not sure what to do with it though, lol. But it again says that it is there and supported but it is not being used by and software of any manufacturar in my system and also I have no ability to adjust open gl in control panel other than some 3 d options that allow some minor changes with out your usual open gl default settings.

            I will try that link you gave me thanks,.

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              Maybe application will onmlyt  detect openGL on a seperate card and not intergrated int op the cpu as  ecellerated grahics HD. so for gamin it would be OK but for apps that  use 3 it is not working because it is looking for a grahics card that  suppots OpenGL where as mine does support open GL version 2.1 and hsader  4, also GLViewer gices me a list of open gl seetings and all the  extensions available to me thnere are plebtl and alkl is supported, it  is just not being picked up in my apps becasue it is looking for a  dedicated or seperate GPU which I dont have I just have a card that is  part of the processors intergrated HD acellelerrated graphics.

              so for games it is OK and I have read some good reviews on this model. Plus the CPU is fine.

              I  can enalbe multiple processing istaed to help with rendering frames  even 3D frames but as I have 4 cores and it likes to have 2 gig per  cpu/core and i have 4 gig drr3 and 4 cores it cant erender frames  sulmitaniously, I will be upgradingf memro to 9 gig my xmas and iff  possible I will buy a new graphicvs card but I dont wanna lose what I  have just add a crad for open gl, but would still like as much as  possible to run with the intergrated graphics as they are good and once I  have enough memory they can take advatage or system ram and alklowcate  up to 2 gigs for eo,mry.