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    Communication problems using WiFi Link 5100


      I have a Dell Studio 15 laptop running Win 7 32 bit with Intel WiFi Link 5100 and the latest driver installed (


      When i try to copy files from my laptop (using WLAN) to my stationary computer (wired LAN) the speed is initialy around 800 kB/s, but decreses fast and after around 10-40 seconds the file transfer stops. I get an time out error or a message that the other computer stops to respond. I have tried both windows file coping and Rsync and experience the same problem. FTP sometimes have problem when upploding files as well. However, surfing and downloading files from the internet works fine, even though it has happened that large files have become corrupt.


      When i ping the other computer the packages starts to get lost if they have a size over 3000 B. If the size is about 8000 B all packages are lost.


      The problem has nothing to do with the router since I have test with others and the same problem occurs. If I use wired connected the problem does not occure, so it should be related to the WiFi Link 5100. Today I tested Ubuntu desktop 10.10 and then the WLAN works fine with high speed, so the problem should be related to the driver or some setting.


      Is there anyone that can help me with this issue? I have tride so many things now so I really need som help.


      Thanks in advance!