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    inf options to enable SDVO and CRT


      I'm trying to enable simultanoues DVI (via SDVO) and CRT on a 945GME chipset in Windows7. With the default drivers, in Windows, you have can choose from 2 displays, one is Notebook (LVDS, this option is always there) and the other is whatever display device you booted with (DVI or CRT). I need to somehow select CRT and SDVO, and not notebook. Is there a way to switch in the igdlh.inf to "disable" LVDS or move CRT and SDVO higher up in priority? Is there a "user's guide" for the driver? This is easy to do w/ IEGD for XP but there's no IEGD support for Windows 7 currently. With the Poulsbo graphics inf, there are sections that specifically show you what display devices you can en/disable. It's not easy to decipher this in igdlh.inf.

      Your help is appreciated.