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    Intel G31/G33 configuration



      I have a network of public kiosks all running windows xp pro sp3 and Intel G31/G33; my screens shut down after a certain period of inactivity despite all the options are set to never do it.

      I suspect my graphic card to  be responsible of this because when I work remotely on this computer (from another computer), this also happen (I mean why would the screen shut down if I am working on the machine? My thinking is maybe if the graphic card is idle for a certain time, it shuts down the screen without considering the Windows options. Is that possible?

      My question is: does the Intel G31/G33 has some kind of native, OS-independent "power saving mode" ?


      Please consider that I have been trying to fix this for weeks, this is why i'm posting here. All the Power options, screen saver in Windows are set to "Never shut down" , and the screen itself also).


      Thanks for your help.