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    Stack Overflow in debug!


      I am switching from compaq visual fortran into intel visual fortram. I'm using VS2008 with Intel Fortran 11. After the correct installation of Visual Studio and Intel Fortran, I started to have problems when debugging a fortran app.

      The program is compiled without error and a few warnings, and the executable file was generate. Anyhiw, it can not run correctly. I tried to debuge it, it always stop in the same place and show "Stack overflow". And the command-line window where the program shows their status do not close. After this, nor the windows can close the window and nor the task manager. Even if I quit VS2008, the window stays there. I can resize the window, minimize, mark text, etc. I can do all, except close this window.

      The only way to close the window is to do a "cold restart" on computer, because he doesn't shutdown anymore too.

      I have tried everthing that I seached from google including use /heap-arrays, increase stack size to crazy size, but it does not work. The same program works perfectly in Compaq Visual Fortran.

      Any idea on what is happening?