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    DG45ID does not recognize Keyboard and Mouse


      My DG45ID stopped working and got replaced by intel.


      But new motherboard stopped recognizing mouse in Linux or in windows vista. With the help of keyboard i downloaded and installed BIOS update from intel website. After the first reboot system stopped recognizing either mouse or keyboard. Unable to enter to BIOS for reverting it back to default firmware.

      I dont think it is problem with USB ports as my wireless adopter is working fine.

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          You can try a different keyboard and different mouse, however this time make sure that you are using  wired devices, since this can be a compatibility problem with your wireless USB and mouse.

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            good luck with that issue. i had 2 boards intel sent me that had this issue, wouldnt recognise my usb keyboards or mouse at start up.

            got the run around of flashing bios and so on and even told to get new keyboards and mouse even though the keyboard and mouse were both new and were working 100% with my last board.

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              Similar situation here also.  My DG43GT board will not boot to windows with the Logitech Dinovo wireles USB keyboard. If I remove the USB dongle, it will boot fine. Explanation from intel tech support was to try a different keyboard. This logitech keyboard will work with 3 other PC's I have in the house, but not the one with the DG43GT board. Intel tech support said that their boards are made to industry standards, so it is likely a compatibility issue with the Logitech keyboard


                                               .Aren't most boards made to industry standards as well,  but not having an issue using this keyboard ???????????????????? 

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                thats intel customer service at its finest for you.


                i was told to practicly build a new computer with all new hardware just to prove that the waranty replacement motherboard they sent me was faulty for sure.


                intel has gotten to the point that its so big now, that it's product dont have to be good or work at all as all they are selling now is just their name brand.