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    PC doesn't start monitor


      Hello, I have a problem with my new PC: it doesn't show picture at monitor, when I start it.

      My HW is: MB INTEL DP45SG, Pr E8400, Display adapter NVDIA 240.


      If I start it immediately after shutdown, it will start without any problem.

      If I wait for 10 min, the issue is back.

      BIOS upgrade didn't help.

      MB INTEL DP35 is working fine with this PC.

      Pr E9400 is working fine with my MB.

      If anybody has experience with this issue, I'd like to get some advise.


      PS: Sorry for my english...

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          Have you done the latest BIOS update . Sugestion when you do a BIOS up date download it to your desktop ( exe) save it to desktop go off line turn off all of your security I mean everything than run the update . some security can interfear with a good update when you have finished before you go back in to windows check that the update is right check all settings than save exit and restart.