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    i7-930 IMC/RAM Issues


      I have been diagnosing the dreaded intermittent 3.99gb usable that I'm sure many of you have atleast heard of. Again I mention intermittent to set the fact that a CPU or RAM reseat is not the issue. After working through all potential fixes, I'm starting to think it is the IMC on the i7-930. There is a fix I found that works 100% of the time, but I haven't found anyone able to explain why.


      Upon any cold-boot I immediatly go right into BIOS and change either the RAM divider or a memory timing. Saving this and exiting from either of these changes results in a full-shutdown before re-posting. Any of these full-shutdown from BIOS changes automatically shows me the full 6gb upon the next boot and any restarts as long as the computer is warm.


      So I ask, anyone have an explination of why a BIOS change that forces the computer to actually do a hard-reboot instead of a soft-reboot actually fix the 3.99gb usable RAM issue?


      Thanks for your time and help,