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    Can't Delete Partition on X25-M, Win 7 Pro 64, Intel DP55KG


      Hi All,


      New to the SSD and I am building a system wih MB (Intel DP55KG), SSD (Intel X25-M), Win 7 Pro 64.


      I was not happy with the first install, so I want to wipe the drive and start over.  Following instructions in SSD Toolbox manual I am suppose to delete the 2 partitions Win 7 creates then use Secure Erase.  I deleted the 1st 100M partition fine, however the 2nd larger partition has the "Delete Partition" greyed out and I cannot click on it and delete the larger portion.  Hence, Secure Erase is not executing as it recognizes the drive as a boot drive.


      I am trying to do this by connecting it to my 2nd pc which is XP SP3 and I am connecting via eSATA.


      If I could get the 2nd partition deleted, I think I would be ok.


      Any thoughts?