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    Missing Certificate Authority in Intel SCS




      I have followed the instructions as provided for the Intel AMT deployment in an enterprise environment for TLS encryption support.  When I have gotten to the step that requires configuring a profile within the Intel SCS Console, I am not getting any list of CA servers to choose from the in the drop down box.  It is simply an empty selection.


      All of the services (Windows Server 2003 64 bit, SQLServer Express 2005, IIS, Intel SCS Server, Stand-alone CA, etc.) are all running on the same machine.


      Being hopeful that maybe a later version of Windows Server (Server 2008 Enterprise x64, and SQLServer Express 2008) might work, but to no avail.  I still got the missing CA list when I attempted to create a profile from within the Intel SCS Console.


      I have included an attachment of what I am referring.



      Chris R