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    HELP!  2 HHds in Raid 0 missing boot manager.


      i have an Intel d975xbx desktop board.    I have 4 hard drives.    I got a virus that made me boot from CD to repair windows.  I had 2 hard drives (ones that contain OS)  plugged in when i did this.   I got rid of the problem.  I then plugged in my 2 hard drives that are set in a raid 0.  windows fails to start.  says i am missing boot manager.  I tried doing a windows repair on this but it fails.  I dont know what to do!  In raid settings, my hard drives show up..  How do i get boot manager installed to fix this??   When i unplug the 2 drives that are set in raid 0,  my operating system will work,   thankyou!