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    Procedures on Upgrading from RAID 1 to RAID 5?


      I'm curious if there is a process that does not entail loss of data or reinstallation of a operating system when upgrading a OS RAID 1 to a RAID 5. I currently have an ASUS Extreme Gaming II Mainboard that has an ICH10R controller with updated drivers from Intel. It is currently managing a 300GB RAID 1 comprised of 2 WD3200AAJS drives. I wish to add a 350GB drive to the span and upgrade it to RAID 5. All drives are using SATA 2 mode.  But the warnings I am reading and receiving from the RST manager is making me nervous about proceeding about this.


      Is the simple process of adding a drive to the span without trashing the volume out there? Or am i going to be stuck with a 320GB spare tire?


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