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      I accidentally deleting the RIAD configuration from raid bios rather than from serial console and now I am not able to acces the serial console and get the following error "error opening a connector". Intel support web site indicated that there is no workaround for this ,the only way is to get Disk On Module (DOM) replacement. I rang the support line but no luck. Any one know how to order the DOM from Intel? the product is no longer supported.


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          What do you mean by "rang the support line but no luck"? What is the indicated process to get a Disk On Module (DOM) replacement? You could never just order a DOM replacement, I believe warranty replacment was the only option..




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            Hi John,

            I rang the support and was told that the system is no longer supported (i.e end of live)and I was told to ring Warranty dept and the warranty dept will not deal with equipment out of warranty back and forward ,back and forward between the depts and after nearly 2 hours later the warranty dept agreed to log  the call with service ticket number 8000120110. I just received a call from support guy that  my SSR212MA my estimate it is just out of warranty by one or two months and he provided the style number for the DOM which is FXSDOM and I was advised  to try to get it from shop.intel.com or Intel channel partner. I have tried both suggestions I still have no luck of getting the DOM replacement , I am willing to pay for the replacement cost of the DOM,as currently the 12 TB Storage system is just a door stopper.I don't understand why is so hard  to purchase a replacement DOM.



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              Unfortunately rjappy, the FXSDOM is not a accessory that is sold separately. The DOM contains proprietary code from the original device manufacturer. If it was sold separately, customers would be able to build storage systems without paying proper licensing fees, In this situation the only alternative looks to be to restore to a different device from backup.


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