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    Secure erase boot CD


      As a notebook user (no second sata port) I would appreciate a secure erase boot CD (iso). I know I could use any Linux distro with hdparm, but official Intel ISO with such functionality would be preferred.

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          I concur.  This would be very cool if Intel could give us Secure Erase on an ISO, however it wouldn't do any good unless you can also delete the partitions from the CD boot as this is also required to use Secure Erase.

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            Correction: I can't do "secure erase" on my SSD with hdparm because of "frozen security". People suggest drive hotswap to unfreeze it but I'm not going to risk it.

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              I think a proper Boot CD with all the tools of the SSD Toolbox would be nice. I agree that for a proper Secure Erase ISO, tools to remove the partitions/volumes on the SSD should also be supplied. This should be designed for USB thumbdrives which can easily be booted on most motherboards. And then diskpart could easily be added by the user to the Thumbdrive I think.

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                Frozen security issue : this may help

                if your setup allows you to boot from a USB drive

                Create a bootable USB using these 2 programs

                HP USB tool

                windows 98 boot files


                place HD erase version 3.3 on root of the bootable USB stick (I change name to HDE to make it easier to execute from dos)

                change your bios to boot the from USB stick and change ACHI to IDE in bios

                unplug power from the SSD but keep the data plugged in

                start PC and when you get to the

                A:/ prompt plug the SSD power back in

                and proceed as normal

                you should no longer see the security freeze

                I think only HDE 3.3 works with SSDs for some reason
                If anybody needs it and can't find it, PM me