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    Intel core i7 980x build problem


      I recently purchased the components to build a new system. I purchased all components that were recommended in Asus Rampage III manual. Here is what I got.


      Intel Core i7 Extreme 980X

      Asus Rampage III Extreme

      Corsair 3x 2GB RAM CMT6GX3M3A2000C8

      Corsair HX1000W powersupply

      ATI HD 5850 Graphic Card


      I am trying to build an extreme system but the motherboard shows me warning light on CPU of course it does not display anything, I have double checked CPU integration and also verified it from local hardware shop.


      Can any one help me here in troubleshooting this problem?



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          Warning light were? Is it the CPU one is listed in the manual is it showing crazy, high or normal?


          Have you tried the PSU in another computer? testing each 8 pin connector for the CPU being that most don't need two.


          Do you have both caps out and are are using two 8 pin connectors for the CPU?

          Is the 4 pin molex next to the PCI-e slot connected from your PSU? Shouldn’t be needed but try it.


          Your RAM is in the red slots?


          Try Clear CMOS on the rear panel?

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            Thanks Peter for the reply here are the answers


            Warning lights for CPU, DIMM, VGA etc are before the 24 power cable pin power connector.


            I tried both of PSU (HX1000W and UltraPower 600W) and both are working fine in my old motherboard ASUS-M2NPV-MX.


            Both caps are out. I tried first with 8 pins and then I used another 8 pins but CPU warning light is still there


            Yeah RAM is in red slots, I also tried in black slots.


            Did that but that wont work until damn CPU light disappear.

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              Take the whole motherboard out of the case and put it on some cardboard and then try powering it on.


              Then take out the card and see if you get any beeps then try that for the RAM if nothing get the motherboard tested out at the and if tested to work ask to get the BIOS updataed.

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                I exactly did that this morning.. took out everything, double checked processor position. No beep, perform the GO test (Asus feature on board for testing individual components) The LED is just stuck on CPU, I wish if it could accept my AMD X2 Dual core processor so I can test the board.