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    Configuring Multiple Desktops w/ GMA Control Panel




      i was just ugraded at work to an HP EliteBook 8440p notebook computer with Intel GMA HD installed.  Attached to the laptop throguh my docking station is a second monitor.  Previously i had a Dell, and i am trying to figure out how i can do two things that nVidia's control panel allowed me to do.


      the first is run different pictures on each display.  is this possible?   i've seen on google that people suggest setting up a web page as a background, but that option has been disabled by my IT department


      Second, and really more important, is there a way to set up a Hotkey to move the active window to the next display.  so if somehting pops up on the notebook screen,  i can hotkey it over to the big monitor with out having to restore down, drag it over.