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    Schwierigkeiten mit Intel@Core 2 Duo processor T9300!


      Ladies and Gentlemen,
      please excuse me I turn to you, but for Acer seems to me around by the nose and bring my problem just beyond the warranty period.
      I have the Acer Aspire 8920G with the CPU Type Mobile DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo T9300, CPU name Penryn, CPU stepping C0/M0, Engineering Sample No, Engineering Sample No CPUID Revision 00010676h, CPU VID 1.1375 V. When the computer became I the problem that it suddenly stops responding and / or switches to slow motion. Since this is not normal, I have the test program Everest Ultimate Edition worried and had to identify the processor and the Frontsidebustakt is subject to significant fluctuations. The CPU clock is very often down to just 27.5 MHz, the multiplier also varies from 9.5 to 13.5 times at which the clock Frondsidebus varies between 0.9 MHz - 200 MHz. The voltage is constantly fluctuating between 0.985 V - 1.215 V, but these fluctuations can not be normal. As soon as I work with graphics programs, there is a continuing role is that of the cursor and I work for an indefinite period of time can not, this is annoying in the long run.
      Acer was supposedly replaced the motherboard and processor, but the problem remains. I will be back in October in Germany and wanted to bring the notebook back to Acer, but if you tell me that these fluctuations are normal, I can do without it. But I am convinced that these changes can not be normal, but there the error is here.
      I would be very happy if you give me an appropriate response and would not solve a knowing man.
      If there are any questions, I am always at your disposal.