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    D865GVHZ supported processors


      I am trying to upgrade a recently acquired emachines T3990 desktop, it has a celeron D 2.8ghz processors.  The system board is D865GVHZ (I read this off the actual board, not system specs.)  It is also revision 101, so according to this page, it processor support is limited.  I can however install a Pentium 4 3.4ghz with 800mhz FSB and 512k cache, according to this page <http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/d865gvhz/sb/CS-026964.htm>.  However, I have done great research on the subject and have come up with many conflicting statements, such as support is limited to 533mhz FSB, but can support an L2 cache of 1M.  Gateway's own support docs says it only supports a celeron of 400mhz FSB <http://support.gateway.com/s/PC/3310Series/TMEOEMD865GVHZLT1/TMEOEMD865GVHZLT1mvr2.shtml> but says nothing of the pentiums.  I would think that Intel's specs would be most reliable.  My question is this:  If I have the above specified board and revision, will I be able to support the processors Intel's page says?  Also, Intel info appears incorrect, since I am of board revision 101 yet have a Celeron D processor, which directly conflicts with other info.  My board is also the one with SATA connectors.


      If someone could please just help me find the best possible processor for my board, that would be great.


      To reiterate, here are some numbers on my board:




      FCHZ52103663 AA C93540-101