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    SR2300 and Debian Lenny



      got a SR2300 chassis with 2 x 2,8GHz Xeon CPUs.

      Additionally I am using a PCIe Intel DUal Port Gig Card.

      I installed Debian Lenny. Now, in the moment I am

      starting a huge network traffic process, I get an error

      NMI 30 and then a kernel panic and linux stops.

      I read some things in the net about special kernel

      hacks to be done.

      On the other side I have seen newer BIOS´es.

      What should I do?

      I mean, it would help to get good advises before

      inventing the wheel on my own.

      The server itself is fine and good and works/worked

      fine with Debian Etch/Sarge.



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          Jason Tan

          According to this site http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/se7501wv2/sb/cs-007360.htm the OS you are using is not supported. Being that this has reached the end of life/end of support cycle, best bet is to try the open source community.


          Another thing to try is to use an updated NIC driver which may help in this case. Goodluck.

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            In parallel I tried other things.

            I was freightened updating the SR2300 with more recent

            firmwares. But disabling aer while loading the kernel in

            grub with pci=noaer helped a bit. Then I experienced that

            it is no good idea to disable onboard LAN ports. I wanted

            to use a PCIe Intel Dual Gigabit NIC only. Now I have four

            LAN ports, AER disabled and it works fine. I am of course

            only using the LAN ports of my additional PCIe card.

            Thanks for everybodies help.

            I was really looking into newer platforms from Intel. But I

            do wanted to keep my harddiscs (LVD) I recently

            purchased and newer platforms all work with SAS/SATA..

            SR2300 still gives me great performance. My previous

            platform was ISP2150. So this is a big step forward.