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    Core 2 E6700 overclocking with MSI P7N 780i / some advices




      I have a Core 2 E6700, 266X4 = 1066 Mhz FSB with 2X2 GB PC8500 1066 Mhz RAM on a motherboard MSI P7N 780i chipset nvida. I also have two graphics cards in SLI GTX260.
      I already have my CPU overclocked to 2.66 GHz (266 X 10) to 3.00 GHz (300 X 10) by increasing my FSB from 266 to 300 and this poses no problem. I just grew a bit my "voltage" of 0.0125 for my bios to 1.33 or 1.35 in CPUZ. I also manually set my memory for it to pass a frequency of 800 MHz to 1066 MHz (533 X 2) 5-5-5-15 and putting in the "DRAM Voltage" to 2.10.
      Of course, I think I can go to 3.33 GHz, 333 X 10 but trying, it does not work.
      Can I get advice on values to indicate in my bios:
      1) CPU Voltage?
      2) DRAM Clock (MHz): indicate what value to reach 1066 Mhz? Is this a good ratio?
      3) The values of Northbridge (1.30) and Southbridge (1.575) should be changed?

      Thank you in advance for all your good advice, below the screens of my bios:

      FYI, I chose not to link the increase in memory the FSB (unlinked mode).
      I actually have a choice in the menu "system clock mode between" Auto "," Linked "and" Manual "and this last one I chose. Is this correct?

      In fact, I did a test by increasing the FSB to 333 with a value of 1082 MHz RAM to arrive at an adjusted frequency of 1066 (see diagram), without changing the Vcore and it crashes ...

      Bios currently works ....