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    S5000PAL HELP


      i have a s5000pal it has 8gigs of ram (2 4gig sticks), 2 Pentium zeon processors, thermaltake 1500w powersupply tough brand, and a 2 tb wd green harddrive, i had it running  two months ago, with windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, but it was running really rough, and the brand new harddrive i had in it was going bad, now i have got a new harddrive and wanted to start from scratch, but when i went to reset the cmos, i acidently did the bmc force update instead, now when i power up, the lights come on and the fans blow, but nothing happens, it use to make a beep noise apon start up, but that doesnt even happen, the dvd ROM has now power unless i unplug the ide cable, can any one help me get it back up and running? thank you for your time and effort in this matter,

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          Jason Tan

          Did you revert back the jumpers for the BMC force update ? When the jumpers are back, start with the plain old setup with a processor, memory & see if it goes through POST. If it does, I suggest you perform a firmware update that is available here. Also notice that you are using a third party chassis with this board, please do check if the power connectors are appropriately connected to the server board. Goodluck !