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    SASWT4I Raid Controller



      I want to ask a question about SASWT4I . Is this a true Hardware raid controller? Or it is a Host Based Raid controller (requires communication with host ). and what is the difference among


      Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology

      Intel® Integrated Server RAID

      Intel® RAID Controllers


      found at http://www.intel.com/products/server/raid/index.htm?iid=prodmap_sw+raid#raid


      We want the cheapest Hardware based raid controller and it seems that this SASWT4I  is the cheapest one with 4 ports.



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          As you can see on the product overview page, the SASWT4I leverages the LSI SAS1064E ASIC’s advanced LSI Fusion-MPT* architecture to provide entry-level hardware RAID. It utilizes the embedded CPU in the LSI SAS1064E ASIC to perform integrated RAID 0, 1, and 1E/10E operations. It's "entry-level" because it doesn't have RAID 5 or 6 support.


          As for the RAID features:


          Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology: This is the software RAID technology

          Intel® Integrated Server RAID: RAID solutions designed specially for Intel® server boards and systems. Built onboard, or RAID module with a special connector.

          Intel® RAID Controllers: RAID controllers with PCI-e connector. Can be used on Intel or other server boards and systems.

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            Thank you for the answer it seems that that is the right RAID card for my needs. I do not need raid5 just raid0 and raid1