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    DX48bt2 keeps restarting please help!


      Hello all,



      I built a new gaming system a year ago, I have a CM 690 case "which I hate Expansion Slot plastic toolless is crap" Intel quad core 2.83, 8GB 1333mhz memory, 1 TB hardrive, 2x 4850 ati HD.


      But recently I went to switch my pc on and nothing would load up on my screen and the sytem just kept on rebooting. So I thought the graphics cards had died so I took them out and put a spare "Working card" in this did nothing. So I bought a new ati 5770 card and it worked for abit then it started doing it again.


      I had a closer look and I noticed that the case blank Expansion Slots was touching my motherboard and im not sure if this could be coursing this. Also the graphics card doesnt seem to fit in the case. But the card fits inside the PCI slot on the motherboard but falls down alittle bit.


      But I then looked at the other parts of my system and concluded that it couldnt be a problem with my PSU as everythink lights up and runs "including GPU fan" Harddrive loads and runs until the system restarts, Processor works and the heatsink runs, and the memory seems to be alright, also the motherboard lights up green and loads everythink alright.


      So I need some adivice of what could be the problem. I personally think its the CM 690 case not holding my graphics card in right. But on the otherhand it could be the clips on the Expansion Slot that is not holding my graphics card up right.


      Please help me.



      Thanks regards


      Lord taz