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    Strange issue with new i3-540 CPU and DH55TC board


      I have the combo listed in the topic installed in my HTPC, which smoked an old motherboard that had an Athlon on it.  I figured I could use the integrated GPU to drive the HDMI port of my Optoma HD72 projector (720P).


      Imagine my surprise when I saw that the playback of a recorded transport stream file using Beyond TV stuttered badly.


      At first I figured it was a problem with Windows and old drivers still interfering with the GPU.  So I reinstalled Windows, no change.  Then I updated every driver in the system, and updated the BIOS, no change.  I finally broke down and loaded the 8400GS graphics card I'd been using in the PCIx16 slot and everything worked fine.


      I took a screen shot of Beyond TV's on screen menus which shows a strange behavior, the text is fuzzy.  (The screen shot on the left is the i3-540, the screen shot on the right is the 8400GS).  The interesting thing to note here is that the screenshots were taken through a VNC connection, so the problem isn't a display issue.


      I have updated from the fresh XPSP2 load to SP3 and haven't had a chance to check the result yet, but it would seem odd that this would do anything.  The desktop icons and text, btw, are sharp as a tack.


      Playback in 3D mode is much better, but still not stutter free.


      Any ideas?http://www.fast351.com/tmppics/btvissue.jpg