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    Multi-Client IDER boot to iso


      Anyone successfully launched multiple IDER sessions using an SMS collection or Altiris job?

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          Have done with Altiris - created a task\job for IDER boot (both forcing PXE and defined DOS ISO) - and successfully booted 4 of the 5 systems in my lab.  The 5th system that didn't boot appears to have a firmware issue.


          If planning multiple IDER sessions - have to reboot between each.  Haven't done a network\services trace - yet it appears the connection between the server and the vPro\AMT system remains from the IDE-Redirect session until next system boot.  This makes sense since by definition the IDE-R boot overrides the client's BIOS boot order.


          Also - noticed that if I tried to force session, after session, after session... eventually the server starts to be the hold up.  Working with a virtualized server environment and have resource constraints.  During one IDER test - the client systems didn't appear to respond.  However - when I reset the virtual server environment, the queued up jobs commenced once the server completed loading\logon.


          haven't stress tested how many concurrent IDER sessions can be run


          - TC

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            After remotely Power-Cycling the clients from the SMS collection container, i could get 10/10 clients to launch IDER sessions.