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    Core 2 Duo E8400 not support 2 modules DDR3-1333 4GB

      Hi, any one can help me solve the problem,


      I brought a new mother board (Zotac G45-ITX-B-E) and 2 modules DDR3 4 GB ram (AEXEA), but I use my Core 2 Duo intel CPU E8400, (Core 45nm, FSB 1333 MHz, L2 Cache 6MB). I fail to startup by pressing the on/off button, No response from the PC system when no display no sound no ant bios config

      I tried to return it back to the delar for test,  they asked this is the CPU design problem, because this CPU not compatible with the 4 GB  of 1 module DDR3 ram, if I use 1 module 2 GB DDR3 for test. this is no problem.

      Any one can help me to sole this case, I hope use 2 x 4 GB DDR3 on my Computer.