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    I7 920 P6T DELUXE V2


      hi such, first of all I mean I do not speak much English, so I hope you understand what I say, thank you.

      I  tell them my problem, I have 2 computers intel i7 920 with motherboard  Asus P6T deluxe v2, but only one of these 2 shows temperature problems


      PC1: Eurocase 550Watts

      p6t deluxe v2

      intel i7 920 2.6ghz ( idle 1.6, full 2.8 )

      western digital 500gb

      2 gb ddr3 1066 kingston

      stock cooler

      Nvidia 8600

      1 fan 90mm ( front )

      1 fan 90mm ( back )

      1 fan 120mm ( PSU )




      Vitsuba 600 watts

      p6t deluxe v2

      intel i7 920 2.6ghz ( idle 1.6, full 2.8 )

      western digital 500gb

      3 gb ddr3 1066 kingston

      stock cooler

      Nvidia asus EN9800 GT

      1 fan 120mm FRONT

      1 fan 120mm back

      1 fan 90mm ( up )

      1 fan 120mm led ( corner )

      1 fan 40mm northbridge

      1 fan 120mm ( PSU )


      les adjunto unas imagenes



      PC 1 BIOS





      PC 2 BIOS




      PC 1 EVEREST



      PC 2 EVEREST




      Where can be the error? producing these temperature differences

      Thanks and sorry for my English

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          The problem is with PC2, the test in everest is 40 seconds on each machine, the PC2 rise to almost 70 degrees within 2 seconds

          if I leave 2 minutes reaches 80 degrees in all cores, and could get more, but I will not try and see if I burn

          the thermal current is 20 degrees Celsius


          sry i make double post, i dont find the edit



          the two processors are D0 but not the same model, is important this? if is, i go for the box

          horizontally, it is the correct way to apply thermal paste?

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            anyone know why my CPU FAN in turbo mode is at 17xx in BIOS and when i go to windows in turbo mode i get 9xx in everest, and in full i get too 9xx rpm? maybe some times 1023, and temps go to 80º+ and i have to shutdown the test........


            any idea? this dont happend the first time..... 1 year ago    


            i found this in ubuntu forums




            please help me

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              Fixed, the solution is in the bios ( and is not turbo mode,standard,disables) , the problem is in windows xp 32 bits


              now in full the rpms go to 2200


              average temperature of 58 degrees in full to 18xx rpm, jumping moments of 2200

              there  is a difference now, before the temperature rose and remained on 9xx  speed and climbed minimally to 11xx / 12xx now keeps its cool the  microprocessor and rises to the numbers above

              the  secret is not only activate the turbo mode, but get used to the cooler  on the changes, leaving 20 minutes, until the heat sink increase its  speed until 15xx about to reach 9xx windows again but this time it works  properly and elevate 22xx or the maximum of the stock cooler

              do  not know why this happens, maybe if one day format still works best,  and then work as before with Q CPU FAN DISABLED no problem reaching  these revolutions

              Greetings, and I hope will be helpful to have the same problem

              P6T Deluxe v2
              turbo mode 2.6GHz i7 920 (1.6GHz, 2.8GHz)