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    Atom N550 vs N475: which one is better?


      Need some help here... I am trying to buy a netbook and comparing the CPU speed. One model has N550 and the other one has N475. I looked it up and found that N550 has dual core and runs 1.5GHz, and N475 has single core and runs 1.66GHz. But is the 1.5GHz in N550 for one core or total? Which one actually runs faster?


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          If you will be running more than one application at the same time I would recommend buying a processor with more than one core, since a processor with 2 cores will be abel to process 2 thread of information at the exact same time.

          Howerver if you will be running only one application at the same time, then you might want to have a processor with only core but higher clock speed.

          So basicaly it will depend on your own processor needes.

          If you need more buying recommendations I would suggest contacting an Authorized Intel(R) Distributor.

          You can find a list of Authorized Intel(R) Distributors at: