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    Integrated HD video problems (sometimes turns off for a few secs)


      Hi, I hope you can help me with this 'cause I've been up and down the  internet (saw even the darkest sewers) and can't find a solution.

      Here's my problem: I'm running Win7 x32 on my Acer aspire X3900 (custom  install - downgraded from x64 because of some Hauppauge TV Tuner driver  requirements).

      The video (using the HDMI port on the integrated Intel HD graphics)  sometimes turns black for one or two seconds and then goes back on. It  doesn't just turn black, it's the deep black kind as if there's no  signal.
      This behaviour is intermittent; i.e. sometimes it takes hours before it  does this only once, sometimes it happens every other minute for a few  minutes in a row.

      I've changed the BIOS to give it more memory by default (changed it to 128MB), but that did not help. AFAIK I'm using the latest Intel drivers -

      What to do to solve this? I'm really stuck here

      Thanks in advance for any help!